Soomaa – The Sounds of Forests, Bogs and River Floodplains

I just released an album called Soomaa-The Sounds of Forests, Bogs and River Floodplains. Soomaa National Park turned 30 in 2023 and for this beautiful place’s birthday, I also finished my album that collects sound recordings made in the national park over different years. The first recordings on the album are from 2017 and the latest ones from 2023. In addition to how the place sounds, I really like the historical names of different places, rivers, bogs in Soomaa – Kuuraniidu, Kuusekäära, Tõramaa, Öördi etc. and that’s why they found their way into the names of the sound recordings

Soomaa – The Sounds of Forests, Bogs and River Floodplains | Andrus Kannel (

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One Hour Forest Soundscape From Alam​-​Pedja Nature Reserve, Estonia

The soundscape was recorded on May 14, 2020. Recording starts a few minutes before 6 a.m. Birds clearly distinguishable are Song Thrush, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Willow Warbler, Common Chaffinch, Wood Pigeon, Bumblebee(not a bird though). Black grouse can be heard in the background in the first half and Cuckoo in the second half of the recording. More careful listening Wood warbler, Great Tit, Green Sandpiper, Goldcrest, Eurasian Siskin, Great Grey Owl and others are heard. At different moments of the recording, it is heard how male Grey-headed woodpecker builds a nest inside the trunk of a large Aspen. Such a gentle singing constant tapping. For example, at the 4th, 31th minute and beyond it can be heard. I noticed that the bird is inside a tree and comes out from time to time to mate with his partner and scare away the Great spotted woodpecker feeding nearby.

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